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Let the light of joy, give you answer.. :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 4 3 And now..true colors! :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 17 11 Let the voice of joy, take you higher~ :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 3 2 YEEEAAA! SO MUCH DEMON EXCITEMENT! :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 20 7 WOOOO! SO MUCH DEMON FUN! :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 13 9 Another Nozoomy? How come we never noticed her? :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 2 5 Everyone! It's space time! :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 12 11 Let him anchor his love in your heart. :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 1 2 Such majestic creature.. :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 4 8 Mr. Kitty?! Mr. Kitty! :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 5 3 It's a wool-ulf! :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 9 4 Well would you look at that. :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 4 4 This stupid little thing called 'too abnormal'.. :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 4 5 Those brave men..have returned! :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 4 5 Welllookat thaat! :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 1 0 A wack-looking tree, do you agree? :iconneochandler:NeoChandler 4 2


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The original status has been deleted
The original status has been deleted
Let the light of joy, give you answer..
A pic celebrating 10 years of Yes! Precure 5, 5 years of Smile! Precure, Kira Kira Precure's premiere, and 30 years of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (if you felt that i'm way too late for that, you can replace it with 1 month after JoJo Great Festival and call it a day).

Now in full color!

There's a previous version of this pic. In vanilla.

Also..a little note. I originally intended it to be finished on 19th of March (1 month after the above-mentioned event) unfortunately..stuff happened. But hey! It's still 19 in American time, so it still counts!

The Cures seen above belongs to Toei Animation.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure belongs to Hirohiko Araki.
Let the voice of joy, take you higher~
Here it is, folks. The second sign of me slowly succumbing to my weeb anime bullshit hell. A celebration of Yes! Precure 5's 10th, Smile! Precure's 5th, KiraKira Precure's premiere, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's 30th anniversary!

But first, i apologized for the sheer unfinished-ness of the pic, since i wanted to get it out as fast as i can (roughly 5 weeks after the above mentioned Precure series' premieres, because Arc Numbers.)

17(18)/3/2017 edit: Added some buildings in the background. Still crude sketches but atleast you can get some idea about how it's going to turn out.

19/3/2017 edit: finalized the buildings in the background. Just in time to celebrate 1 month after JoJo Great Festival..
And now..true colors!
Welp. I'm done.

But first..some clarions.
-How can a fire truck, a bagel truck, a mini, a (love) boat, and a sub-spaceship-thing fit in this NicoB-related pic? Well..they're my take on body parts that makes up the Horny Ranger's Megatron.

-Those stuff in the background we can barely see? There's a pair of big scissors from Clock Tower, a rabbit painting from IB, oh. And some cards from Chain of Memories.

-Those things on Joshua's text bubble? "Hello, viewers"

-Those guys on Moshirige's sub-spaceship-thing? Yu (P4), the main of Devil Survivor: Overclocked, and Teddy (P4).

-Those guys on Seven's fire truck? Junpei and Carlos (Zero Escape)

-The words on Slimey's sign?
"I'm still relevant, dammit!"
:icontasakeru828: tagged me.

Can't believe this day is coming.

Oh ok.

But first..some ground rurus:
-Each person has to share 13 things about them.
-Answer the 13 questions asked to you --and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
-Choose 13 people.
-You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
-You can't say you don't do tags.
-Tag-backs are ALLOWED.

1. What led you to DeviantArt?
Welp. Used to browse pics for Siths and giggles before i eventually decided that i'm hitting DA as an artist to make some name for myself.

2. Who are your favorite artists, in any field (including writers, actors, etc.)?
Not really have one..but the closest will be Guillermo Del Toro.

3. What keeps you on this site?
The people i made Social Links with on this well as the stuff they made (and fave)

4. What's your fandom(s) of choice at the moment?
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (it's a manime! MANIME I TELL YOU! JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTUR-*self-slap* sorry), Kamen Rider..Pretty Cure..(what a coincidence. The last two are made by Mr. Toei. *Illuminati tune intensifies*) sometimes i'm into One Piece too. (Oda stated that Precure is his biggest rival in anime. *more Illuminati tune*)

5. Your spirit animal? (Or FAVORITE animal, if you must be boring about it...)
Spirit animal..welp. born on April 1998 meant that mine is tiger.

6. Who is a DA user whom you'd follow anywhere, to any other site?

7. Henri Bergson was a great opponent of Cartesian dualism, who resisted the classification of psychological phenomena to physical states. What are your thoughts on this issue?
Don't have a concrete answer, but here i go. You see..i think he got a bit of a point there. I'm a soul. In a body. Yet here i am. Touching my phone, seeing my surroundings..something that's done by my supposedly-separate-realm-body.

8. Did you actually understand and make an attempt to answer question #7, or did you just stare blankly at your screen? BE HONEST.
Did some Wikipedia trip to understand that one.

9. Is the person who wrote question #7 a wiseass nerd who watches way too much Monty Python? (Accepted answers: "Yes", "Definitely", and "Absolutely".)
No inoffending inbetweens?! MY ONE WEAKNESS

10. What's your favorite Disney movie at the moment? Marvel and Star Wars movies count.
Don't really have one.

11. Got any pets?
My little bro (he's 16 now) owns a lizard. He used to own a small owl...only for it to died a week after it was bought. He bought another owl, this time the big adult one, only for it to escape. We also have rats running around our houses' ceilings.

12. What do you do to psych yourself up when you can't find the energy to be creative?
Browsing stuff on my phone.

13. Who would win in a fight: Rene Descartes or Henri Bergson?
Henri Bergson. But it depends on which one of them has the best Stand (and the skillz to use them effectively) if they got hit by an arrow.

14. I apologize for that last one, I'll stop now.

15. Question #14 wasn't even a question, and there were only supposed to be 13 in the first place. Is the person writing these an idiot, or is this joke actually somewhat funny?
It's quite funny.

16. We apologize for the fault in the questions. Those responsible have been sacked.
Oh ok.


18. Stop it.

19. Do you play video games? If so, what are some of your favorites?
Used to...before he took over......
My favourite games? Crash Nitro Kart, NFS Underground 2, God of War (the first and the second), Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain, GTA San Andreas, Ford Racing 3..GTA Chinatown Wars, that one Asphalt game on DS i'm too lazy to browse right now, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, One Piece Grand Battle RUSH, One Piece Grand Adventure..Goldeneye DS..

Alrighty then. Looks like it's time to spread the plaqu-i mean joy. JOY.
1. What got you to this site? And what keeps you on this site?
2. What is your main motivation for drawing stuff?
3. What is your main belief (if you have one)?
4. Let's get abit hypothetical here. What is your reaction when you got a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica or Kiwi Farms?
5. What is your current fandom?
6. What is your pastime?
7. Who's your favourite artist in any field of work?
8. Video games. Played them? Favourite games. Got any?
9. What are you watching now?
10. Favourite music. Got any?
11. Go to any Siivagunner video. Now look at the comments. Tell me. What do you think about it?
12. Did i waste your time with question 11? If so, i'll be at the cliffs if ya need me.
13. Say you got hit by and arrow. Said arrow grants you an extension of your life energy that stands beside you (we called them Stands) and it has awesomely weird powers. What kind of power you want your Stand to have?
13.5. Am i a weirdo for giving you question #13? If so, i'll be at the cliffs overlooking a spiky pit.
13.9. Am i a total weirdo for giving you 13-and-decimal questions? If so, i'll be standing in front of a mirror.

Remember, the answers are yours and yours alone, my friends:


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Reynaldi Pangestu
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An aspiring artist with tendency to laze off rather than producing anything good, currently struggling with adult life.


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